Preschool Classes

Shuffle Dance offer RAD preschool ballet classes alongside our own fun, inclusive specialist dance classes.

Both curriculums are designed with your child’s physical, emotional and neurological development at the heart of their content and are delivered by highly trained, teachers with over a decade of experience.

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Primary School Classes

Shuffle Dance for primaries 1-3 and 4-7 offer a fusion of Jazz & Street Dance in exciting and fun classes as well as RAD Ballet that takes the dancer from pre-primary ballet all the way to grade 3.

All these classes develop your dancer’s creativity and coordination while building self-confidence, staying active, and making friends. All music and movement is developmentally age-appropriate.

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Boys only classes

Our Macho Moves Boys Only classes focus on building strength, stamina, flexibility and rhythm through breakin’ hip-hop and street dance.

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Advanced Development classes

Our Senior Shuffle Dance classes cover a range of styles from jazz to contemporary to breakdance at a more advanced and challenging level. Our senior RAD ballet takes the dancers through grade 4 and beyond.

Both of these classes help your dancers' strength and flexibility grow and develop their dance technique, performance, and execution as they socialise while staying fit and gain a sense of achievement.  Excellent for those studying towards higher dance or considering a vocation in dance.

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